Radochovci - udržať jednotu v rodine je námaha, ale stojí to za to

I was born thirty six years ago in family of Ladislav and Anna. My parents got married as two formed adult people. They love each other and that´s what we feel through all our life.

Me and my older brother were born two following years consecutively. Parents moved from my daddy´s parents to mummy´s mumm where we lived up to my four.

As both of them are from the village they can work and any troubles didn´t embarrass their life.

Although he had a family daddy took in a military service and mummy had to look after two small children herself. Frankly it wasn´t easy at all as my grandmother had an accident and she spent in a hospital over more than a half-year. So my mummy kept the house with a big garden and looked after both of us all by herself. At that time there weren´t any washers with dryers, any antibacterial scours there, women didn´t dream of pampers and wet wipes or of immersion mixers to prepare baby food. Nevertheless she got all these troubles under control all ends up.

When I was four we moved to Bratislava. Mother moved up and we started a kindergarten. As we were ailing all the time she decided to leave her career of a graphic designer and illuminator and to stay with us at home. School years came soon and it seemed to be very convenient for all family she became a housewife. Even though we were quick scholars I hear my parent´s words: „Remember you study not for us, not for special treats but only for your own mileage and self-regard.“

After daddy´s hours we walked together through the forest to our garden. This time was full of conformity, stoutness, love and wholesome steadiness needed for solid childy growth.

Nearly a weekend we railed to my grandmother to help her. As she was a widow she lived herself in her big house with the large garden. We returned home usually on Sunday´s early evenings. At that time my parents had no money to buy a car so they had to carry sleeping children and luggage by trains.

Our parents have assigned us certain duties around the houseworks. We didn´t mind helping out as everyone in a family contributed in some way. It was the best way to respect each other and to be jointed for the right course of our family.

When I was ten my sister was born and when I was sixteen my younger brother was born. So I have a sister and two younger brothers. We lived together in a four -rooms flat where my parents live up to this day. When my grandmother got very old she became the fifth member of our big family. My mummy and daddy had to take care of four children and one old women with all her torments, diseases and doting vagaries oftentimes. They looked after all of us with serenity, patience and big love.

However we were a big family and sometimes there it was really crowded in our flat I adored this kind of a home-made rush. At that time I attended a university and I was able to study in this placate. In my life I frequently made the best account of an ability to focus and do things in rush.

Nowadays I am a mother of three rather small children - two foundation-scholars and one kindergarten-boy. My older brother has two little chidren. My sister has got a daughter three days old . Only my younger twenty years old brother is still single and he lives with our parents.

When I am tired I often think of my parents and the days spended with them. I am in luck I have many beautiful afterthoughts of this time. I am in luck I can drink viva aqua...Deo gratias for them, Deo gratias for a calm submission and respect I feel in the face of them in particular if required to live my own parenthood. Also today they are a strong point for me. Thanks for they love my family. Thanks for bringing up in the faith of God, thanks for the confines of what is correct and what can hurt the others. I thank to my daddy for his daily working routine and also for his energy he saved to play with us. Despite of cumulative years he is always young, joyful, amusing and good-humoured man. I thank to my mummy for being with us at home, for leaving her career for purpose of our better childhood. I thank both of them for the knowledge that it is only a heart what makes a human.

I speak as the oldest one on behalf of my siblings - I hope we can acquit of parentage as well as our dear parents did. I hope we will be able to continue on this way....

“God, save our fathers ´heritage for us.“