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European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg in its judgment of 22 January 2008 in the case of E.B. v. France decided that homosexual individuals applying for child adoption may not be discriminated against heterosexual applicants. According to this judgment, homosexuals living in countries where the law allows an individual to adopt a child (i.e. also in Slovakia) must have a chance to adopt a child and raise it in their household together with their partner. The mission of ECHR is to apply The European Convention on Human Rights and control its observation in member states of the Council of Europe.

It is evident that:

  • The European Convention on Human Rights does not ever mention the right of homosexuals to apply for adoption;
  • Democratically legitimated bodies of European states that ratified the Convention did not intend to grant this right to homosexuals;
  • In the vast majority of member states of the Council of Europe, such provision would have no chance of success in a democratic legislative process;
  • In 2002, ECHR itself adjudicated the member states a right to reject an application for adoption due to homosexual lifestyle of the applicant in the judgment of Fretté v. France.

It is apparent that ECHR judges take the position of an all-European lawmaker and do not meet their mission of protectors and appliers of The European Convention on Human Rights, but use their position to enforce their own ideological positions against the will of the majority of Europeans. The above-mentioned judgment by ECHR morally degraded family on the base of marriage of a man and a woman as an ideal and natural environment for the acceptance and raising a child. This judgment may have far-reaching consequences on the identity of children and their perception of the family model.

It is indisputable that homosexuals deserve, as much as any other individuals, respect and recognition of their human dignity. Nobody questions the right of homosexuals to be free in choosing their lifestyle, to fulfill themselves and to contribute with their work and abilities to the wealth of the society. However, it is not meaningful to acknowledge the same social position and privileges to homosexual partnerships as to the marriage of a man and a woman – i.e. a natural family. It results in the deformation of natural models for children, problems with the building of identity of adolescents, and in the deepening of chaos in human relations.

As citizens who are a part of Europe, we are very concerned about the future of our continent. Therefore, we cannot remain indifferent when it comes to the crisis of identity and perspective vision in which Europe is tossed. This crisis is also dramatically shown in the dying-out of European population. In the majority of states, the number of deaths clearly exceeds the number of live-born children. Thus, Europe is in fact moving towards demographic suicide. Hope for the future of Europe is the versatile support of the family which is based on the marriage of a man and a woman and which is a natural place for the acceptance and raising children. Children are the hope and future of Europe. We believe that unless Europe assumes a clearly positive position towards the family and children, on a world-wide scale, it is condemned to irrelevance in future.

We consider the judgment of ECHR dangerous as its purpose is to impose adoption of children by homosexuals to European states, thus artificially creating an unnatural “homosexual family”. We protest against this effort which has no support in the text of The European Convention on Human Rights. We appeal to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to clearly support the traditional family by its resolutions. We entreat that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe selects such persons in the future elections of ECHR judges who will be true to the text of The European Convention on Human Rights and will not enforce their own ideological agenda.

We appeal that public associations, political parties, and citizens of member states of the Council of Europe join this protest and send their manifestation to the Head of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Lluís Maria de Puig, to either:

  • E-mail address:
    Mr Petr SICH
    Head of Private Office of the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
  • Or mailing address:
    Lluís Maria de Puig
    Parliamentary Assemby
    Council of Europe
    Avenue de l'Europe
    F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex

Signatories of the protest

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Protest example

Dear Mr President,

We are concerned about the decision of European Court of Human Rights from 22 January 2008 on the matter of E.B. versus France which says that homosexual individuals demanding child adoption cannot be discriminated against heterosexuals.

This legal decision has neither foundation in the text of the European Convention on Human Rights or in the will of its authors. This decision affirms our concern that ECHR judges have abandoned their mission to be defenders and implementers of the European Convention on Human Rights as they tend to take over a position of a European lawmaker. They use their legislative powers to promote their own ideological agenda which would otherwise have no chance to succeed in democratic legislative process of most of the Member States of the Council of Europe. We perceive this decision of ECHR as an expression of effort to artificially create an unnatural "homosexual family". At the same time, ECHR has demonstrated that its efforts cannot be stopped even at the point when the interest of a child is at stake. This approach seriously damages the reputation of the ECHR as a non-partisan and reliable defender of human rights in Europe. Therefore, we call upon the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to choose for positions of judges of the ECHR only candidates who will show ultimate respect to the European Convention on Human Rights and will abstain from advocating their own ideological agenda.

Yours sincerely,


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